Planning for College and Career Readiness

Schedule Your 9th Grade PCCR Appointment

A PCCR is a Plan for Career and College Readiness. There are so many things to do to prepare for high school graduation and careers, but your counselor is here to help! We have important information to share with you and your student in regards to graduation requirements, district programs, online classes, scholarships, career information, and arena scheduling.  This is also a great way to get some one on one time with your counselor to go over any individual questions or concerns you may have.

To schedule your appointment click the “Schedule My Appointment” button below and follow the prompts to book your time.  Appointments are available Monday – Friday, March 25th – April 12th and will be in the CMMS Media Center.  You will book your appointment with your student’s counselor; assigned according to student last name:

  • Ms. Christiansen (A-Co)
  • Ms. Stone (Cr-Ha) Monday-Wednesday
  • Ms. Emmer (Cr-Ha) Thursday-Friday
  • Ms. Gibson (He-Mc)
  • Mr. Hale (Me-Se)
  • Ms. Bills (Sh-Z)

Appointments should be booked using your student’s name and not the parent/guardian.  To do this, please make sure to set up a free SetMore account, or use the one you have already created, instead of logging in through Facebook or Google. Don’t hesitate to call our registrar, Julie, with any questions! (801-412-1262)

CMMS College and Career Planning Guide

We are happy to give you a hard copy of our Planning for College and Career Readiness booklet. In fact, when you attend your individual appointment we will go through this booklet with you. We have made it available here too so you can access it online.

(This is the PDF version of the book. The formatting is a little weird, but you can still get all of the information.)

CMMS Planning for College and Career Readiness Booklet

Check out the state website for planning for college and career readiness:

You can also access great information through the Jordan School District College and Career Website.

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